“Urban Bonfire featured in Hearth & Home Mag!”

Hear from co-founders, Ryan Bloom and Stefan Marchant, alongside other industry-leading experts, on the outdoor space ecosystem and latest trends in outdoor design in H&H's August 2020 Special Issue on The Outdoor Room®.


"Like indoors, an outdoor kitchen is where we cook, hang out with family or friends, drink wine [...]. It is an outdoor space for living, cooking, and entertaining."

-- Ryan Bloom, Urban Bonfire's Co-Founder and President

"People don't need a large outdoor space, but they need a well-designed space that's flexible and multipurpose, with functional storage, and elements selected to suit a family's lifestyle. [...] The smaller the space, the more sacred it is for people, and the greater the need for good design."

-- Stefan Marchant, UB's Co-founder and Head of Design

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