“Convert that OTR to a VAH!”

Introducing the Vent-A-Hood (VAH) undercabinet extender! It's a non-combustible filler piece to extend projection of ANY undercabinet Vent-A-Hood when upper cabinets are deeper than the "standard" 12 in.

Varying cabinet depths (and heights) are becoming increasingly popular among new-builds. It adds visual appeal and also serves a functional purpose to add more storage space, and to allow for -- insert cringe -- installation of the Over-The-Range microwave (OTR), which typically have a top-depth of more than 12".

In the past, homeowners would have a tough choice to make: live with a glorified kitchen night-light that would allow smoke and grease to sprawl across their beautiful new (or renovated) home, or spend big money for a custom-sized VAH. Now the choice is simple! Get all the performance, no matter your kitchen layout, without breaking the bank!

Above are images of modern homes that formerly had to pay a big price for a custom-fit VAH.

Check out the Undercabinet Extender Spec Sheet for more information!