Outdoor Collection

Caliber™ Appliances builds their award winning outdoor products with passion for culinary design and innovative engineering. Every line, every feature, every detail down to the tooling on the burners is crafted with an intense devotion to providing the customer amazing results.

Expect Great Heat™

Crossflame® Pro

Caliber™ designed the top-of-the-line flagship Crossflame® Pro Grills to offer the performance that commercial chefs expect coupled with beauty in design that will surely be the focal point of your outdoor kitchen and entertaining area. Check out this quick video by the BBQGuys.com for a close-up look!

This 42" grill is available with three burners plus rotisserie which integrates the popular Caliber™ Power Pro Dual Top Burners for a well-rounded culinary center. The patented Crossflame® Pro Grills are available for building into a non-combustible outdoor island, or offered for installation onto one of the Culinary Center Carts.

With a combination of power and evenness you’ve yet to experience, the lifetime warrantied stainless steel burner and radiant system provides the perfect tool to transform your outdoor kitchen into the commercial grade culinary center of your dreams.


Caliber™ introduces the world’s first estate-scaled, 360° walk-around Social Grill™.  This grill was designed exclusively as an installation for David Rockwell of the Rockwell Group, an award-winning cross-disciplinary architecture and design firm. Check out this quick video by the BBQGuys.com for a close-up look!

The Rockwell by Caliber Social Grill offers an industry exclusive 20,000 BTU patented Crossflame® Burner plus radiant technology. It features a fully retractable ‘disappearing’ lid with a special counterbalance mechanism that allows for a smooth transition from open to close with ease.

The freestanding 60” exterior grill is built from heavy-gauge powder coated aviation grade aluminum and is draped over a custom Brazilian cherry stand that is hand rubbed for a stylish finish. The stand is also available in 304 Stainless Steel and on wheels.


The Caliber Pro Kamado is truly remarkable in the variety of cooking styles it offers – grill, smoke, bake and rotisserie within one unit. Weighing less than half of other kamado smokers makes this Pro Kamado a flexible focal area for entertaining.  The heat resistant outside shell also provides a safety feature when cooking around guests. When grilling, the Caliber Pro Kamado Charcoal Grill’s patented flue-way system assures better moisture retention in grilled goods. The efficient and unique triple layered insulated oven design of the Pro Kamado keeps heat and moisture in while using 40% less lump charcoal than ceramic grills. The integrated rotisserie option on the Pro Kamado is a patent-pending industry exclusive. The rear heat feature and indirect Blaze Basket are also part of this exclusive system.

Top Burners

The 23,000 BTU powerhouse of the CR6™ patent-pending burner technology (recently upgraded) with electronic ignition gives you the flexibility to pan sear, sauté, boil water with haste, or gently melt butter or chocolate for preparation of your favorite outdoor kitchen recipes.

Designed for power and efficiency, our Dual Power Pro Burner brings restaurant power and flexibility to your outdoor kitchen. We’ve engineered our burners from the highest grade solid brass to withstand the most rigorous of use and be a perfect complement to our Crossflame® Pro and Rockwell by Caliber™ Grills.