Nugget Ice Machines

Now the ice you crave is as convenient as it is satisfying and you won't have to settle for that smelly, nasty tasting refrigerator ice ever again.  What is it about nugget ice that can make you go to a fast–food restaurant just for a beverage...and make you chew every last piece as part of your ritual before setting the cup down?  There's just something about the soft, chewy goodness that keeps you wanting more.

Now with the new Brilliance® Nugget ice machine from Scotsman®, you can satisfy those cravings to crunch without ever having to leave home.  Scotsman® introduced nugget ice to the food service industry in 1981, and The Original Chewable Ice® quickly became a hit. Scotsman® nugget ice is made of bits of compacted ice that are soft and chewable. The soft form also enables the ice to take on the flavor of the beverage, further enhancing the overall experience.

If outdoor entertaining is your style, Scotsman® ice machines are the perfect choice. Outdoor–approved models are available to equip your open–air entertaining area, whether on the deck or by the pool. These sleek under–counter models will meet your ice needs without taking up a lot of space. Click here for the Nugget machine cleaning tutorial.

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Gravity Drain Model Number SCN60GA–1SS SCN60GA–1SU
Sump Pump Model Number SCN60PA–1SS SCN60PA–1SU
Cabinet Finish Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Door Finish Stainless Steel Unfinished. This model requires a custom front panel by others OR white, black & st. steel door fronts with handles are available as an option.
Ice Production (24hrs) up to 80 lbs.
Ice Storage Capacity 26 lbs.
Reversible Door Hinges
Integrated Door Hinges
Self Closing Door
Electronic Controls
Interior Bin Light
Time–to–clean Reminder
Outdoor Approved?
Width / Depth / Height 15" / 22–3/4” / 33–3/8”