Introduced in 2010, the M-Line range hoods offer high quality, brushed stainless steel perimeter fascia, corrosion-resistant steel canopies, and industrial grade stainless steel baffle filters. This style hood packs a punch in a tight space, where a high CFM rating is needed within a limited width. It is not as quiet or as efficient in removing air contaminants as the Magic Lung® or Power Lung (V-Line), but The M-Line provides a budget-friendly solution to venting over residential professional-style cooking equipment within a small space. These blowers and canopies are sold separately.


  • 300CFM minimum blower (achieved by adding an optional restricting wiring harness to the 630CFM blower).
  • 630CFM single blower (M600). 1035CFM dual blower (M1200).
  • Hood/liner styles and dimensions are fixed and are not customizable.
  • Range hood canopies are available in st. steel only.
  • Liner canopies are painted gun smoke gray with a st. steel bottom perimeter fascia. After installation, all visible components are st. steel.
  • The canopy includes st. steel baffle filters.
  • Wall mount range hoods – 18” tall
  • Wall mount liners for wood hoods – 12-1/2” tall