V-Line Power Lung

Introduced in 2004, the V-Line series features an exclusive and compact Vent-A-Hood® Premium Power Lung Blower equipped with centrifugal filtering technology, offering the maximum performance in the value kitchen ventilation category. The Power Lung system eliminates the dirty, greasy, old-technology mesh screen filters to ensure performance at the value level.


  • 250CFM only (360CFM equivalent).
  • The blower system can't be changed and is recommended only for light cooking on standard gas and electric appliances.
  • Hood/liner styles and dimensions are fixed and are not customizable.
  • Available in st. steel plus limited standard color choices.
  • Under cabinet range hoods - 6" tall.
  • Wall mount range hoods - 6”, 7”, 10” & 14” tall
  • Accommodates various ceiling heights via standard or custom duct covers.
  • Wall mount liners for wood hoods - 6" tall.
  • Island range hood - 6" tall.
  • Island liners for wood hoods - N/A.